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My New Vitamin D DVD is Now Out!

I am finding that many people are too busy to read a book these days and especially a health book!

For that reason I have worked hard and just released my new DVD on Vitamin D. In this DVD, I give a Powerpoint slide lecture on all the major information in my book. In just a little over an hour you can learn the most important information in the book. 

I have gotten great feedback on my DVD already and am happy to be able to add this other way  of getting the information on Vitamin D out to the public at large!

 You can order the DVD right now at Vitamin D DVD 


Let me know what you think! 

Link between Heart Disease and Vitamin D Gene

Just published in a new study further suggesting a link between Vitamin D and Heart disease.

 In this study, researchers found that  a variant in a specific gene ( CYP27B1) was associated with congestive heart failure, in people who have high blood pressure.

 this certainly corroborates previous information on the link between vitamin D deficiency with an increased risk for heart disease. Now the exciting thing about this study is that they are specifically looking at the relationship between our genes and vitamin D.



Lymphoma patients with low vitamin D more likely to die

A new study has shown once again that patients who have lymphoma are more likely to die if they have low vitamin D levels.

  At the recent American Society of Hematology meetings, a new study was presented showing this relationship.

  From 2002 to 2008 the scientists evaluated vitamin D blood levels from 374 newly diagnosed patients with diffuse large B-Cell lymphoma. This type of lymphoma accounts for about 40% of all lymphomas.

  The study showed that at diagnosis, half that patients were deficient in vitamin D. In this case the definition of deficiency was less than 25 ng /ml.


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Behind of my Blog!

I have been very busy finalizing my vitamin D DDT and doing radio interviews, and have not taken the time to write blog entries for the last few weeks.

More and more information is coming out on vitamin D almost every day. We see it in the news on a regular basis.

 I am back on the blog path and will be putting blog entries regularly again.

US Children Markedly Deficient in Vitamin D -another study !

A new study is just been published in the prestigious journal Pediatrics this month November 2009.

J Mansbach, M.D.,  and the other authors of this paper again used The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) from the years 2001 to 2006.

The findings were absolutely astounding showing that 69% of all American children have vitamin D levels less than 27 ng/ml. Children in the age range of 6 to 11 years had a 73% prevalence of being less than 27 ng/ml. In addition, 92% of non-Hispanic black and 80% of Hispanic children had the same insufficient levels.

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I Have Been busy!

I am sorry it has been a while since I have posted blog entries on here. I have been very busy completing the DVD of my book as well as preparing for the upcoming lecture that I will be giving at the All Greater Good Foundation which is funding much research to find a cure to  neuromyelitis optica, which is an orphan neurlogical disease with similarities to MS. I will be talking about the role of Integrative Medicine including the importance of Vitamin D in this disease.

 Also I am  happy to let my readers know that I will be filmed for a PBS Television show, in the next 10 days. I will certainly let everybody know when it will be aired.

 Now that it’s winter I hope all of my readers are taking their vitamin D regularly. I refer you to my article recently posted on the Huffington Post about the evidence that shows that good levels of vitamin D can help protect us from epidemic influenza. 

All Greater Good Foundation 


Read My New Post on Breast Cancer on Huff Post Now!

My article on Vitamin D and breast cancer is the lead article on Huff Post Living page now!

Talk a look and let me know what you think!

Read it here

 Dr Soram 

Los Angeles Times Conversations on Health and Wellness Event

I spoke on vitamin D at the Los Angeles Times Conversations on Health and Wellness last Saturday . Over 500 people attended. My talk on Integrative Medicine and vitamin D was very well received and a lot of people came up to me afterwards with excellent specific questions.

 Agapi, who is Arianna Huffington’s sister did a video interview of me with her tiny FLIP video camera –with built in terrible microphone ! and you can watch it on the Huffington Post website ! 

Let me know what you think!

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My Interview on

I had a wonderful interview with my long time colleague and friend Dr Howard Liebowitz tonight on

It is one full hour and we were able to talk about all aspects of Vitamin D as well as several other aspects of Integrative Medicine!

Please listen and let me know if you have questions!

 Dr Soram